Hey y’all hey, 

I’m Khy Ye and I want to thank you for taking the time out to visit me here. I am a 20-something-year-old SAHM trying to make her mental a priority through all the chaos. You can say that this is my digital diary because these are the things I choose to share with the world. Most things are pretty deep here because I don’t feel a need to share if I’m not going to be honest. Now, keep in mind that I’m only sharing my experiences. I don’t speak for others nor do I mention names because I still believe in respect and confidentiality at the end of the day – regardless of how the person treated me.

I haven’t labeled this as a “lifestyle blog” or anything because I feel like labels can interfere with the growth of a process. And truthfully, that’s exactly what this blog is about. My growth through these processes that I either have or still am dealign with and those to come. It’s all over the place but that’s what makes it me. I’m not just a mom, a friend, a daughter, someone’s partner, a sister, a voice, I’m a person first. And these are the thoughts of that person. It’s so much more that I can say but in order for this to be real and me to be real. Y’all gone have to stick with me through the chaos.

I don’t share anything that I haven’t sat and fully dealt with first. Enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to share my post if you have positive things to say.

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